Detective comedy 1: Setting up the shabby detective

Setting up the shabby detective

We’d run out of food

But wait... it gets worse again.

We’d run out of food and the people in the supermarket downstairs had all fallen down laughing when I suggested credit.

The Falcon's MalteserAnthony HorowitzSource

Let’s look at the list so far… no gas, no heating, no electricity (soon), no food, and no money. They’ve asked for help, but it’s fallen on deaf ears. Things are very bad for our detectives.

We can agree on that

Check out the problem in these examples.

No reports of little green beings, despite all of the online ads, newspaper classifieds, TV interviews and town meetings I organised.

I’d been trying to save for college but it was nearly the end of summer and so far I’d made $15, and that was from taking side-bets on bingo.

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