Character Basics Activity 09: Relationships

Characters and their experiences

Relationships between characters

One way we can learn about characters is through their relationships to each other.

In this snippet, Stella is telling us about her Aunt Alberta by describing her relationship with her father, Chester.

Even when she was very little Stella had noticed the cruel way her aunt behaved around Chester. Alberta would roll her eyes whenever he spoke, and sneer whenever he offered her a smile.

Awful AuntieDavid WalliamsSource

Here's the pattern:

  • The first sentence provides a bit of a setup, then describes the relationship.
  • The second sentence expands on the relationship description with extra detail. 

During meal times, Captain Punce would study the ship’s cook and how she cheered up the rest of the crew. He envied how they chuckled at her jokes and stories as she served each of them generous portions of stew.

Ever since Snuffles accidentally tore her favourite stockings, my Aunt Jenny has had a tense relationship with the cats. Whenever Aunt Jenny visits, she gives the cats a warning glare as she enters the house, and the cats make themselves scarce while she’s here.

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