Narrative Basics

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Narrative Basics
7 lessons
Help students unpack some of the basic elements of the narrative genre: characters, action, the physical world, and speech.
This course contains four lessons and three projects. Each lesson unpacks one foundational element of narrative writing. We explore each element by studying snippets of authentic text from multiple middle years sources, and then writing variations that follow similar patterns. Each project takes a longer snippet from a single source, demonstrating several aspects of the lessons, and breaks the snippet down in detail. Both lessons and projects culminate in a portfolio piece that draws multiple threads together. While this lesson was designed with middle years students in mind, it is quite rigorous and will be challenging and useful for many older students. The whole course will probably take 10-20 hours of work from a student, depending on their ability and level of engagement, however every lesson can be completed in small chunks, and each chunk is valuable.
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