Functional Grammar: Word groups lesson pack

Lesson pack
Functional Grammar: Word groups lesson pack
7 lessons
To give students a solid grounding in grammatical metalanguage so they can more fluently analyse, adapt and revise text.
The lessons in this pack introduce students to a functional analysis of word groups, including noun, verb, adjective and adverb groups, plus prepositional phrases. The lessons are applicable across all text types, and provide a good foundation for many other Writelike lessons. Because these are Writelike lessons, we learn by examining and rewriting snippets of authentic text. A consequence of this is we often digress and point out contradictions, inconsistencies or other tricky aspects of English grammar. Overall, these are pretty challenging lessons and students will probably need teacher support to make it all the way through, especially middle years students.
Universal, Grammar, Word groups, functional grammar, clauses, sentences
Lessons in this pack