Detective comedy with The Falcon's Malteser

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Detective comedy with The Falcon's Malteser
5 lessons
Teach students about mixing genre tropes and styles in a longer narrative sequence.
This course looks at how the novel 'The Falcon's Malteser' uses detective story tropes and then twists them to make it a comedy. Each lesson takes a snippet from a chapter of the book, and across the lessons we look at the elements and stylistic choices that allow it to cross both genres. We also explore features such as observational writing inherent in a detective story's first person narrative, and how writers build the setting, characters and plot using this technique. This course is more concerned with story-level narrative structures than with sentence-level mechanics, and asks students to plan ahead and control the release of narrative information. It will suit middle-years students with teacher support, or older students who can work independently.
Mystery, Action, Adventure, Comedy
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