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Introduction to compression

1. Introduction

2. Conversational English

3. Conversing vs writing

4. Inspecting verbal groups for clues

5. Compression

6. Nominalisation

Nominalisation examples

7. The beginnings of a new era

8. Comparing the two texts

9. Nominalising qualities

10. More on nominalising qualities

11. Things in the Middle Ages

12. Hunting for nominalisations

Missing conjunctions

13. What happened to the connectors?

14. Verbal groups vs connectors

Nominalising events

15. Professor Lupin departed

16. Harry’s spellbooks

17. The impact of time

18. Freedom of the people

Connecting nominalisations with processes

19. The change in heart brought about

20. Resentment and resistance

21. The conflicts formed patterns

22. Give me liberty

23. The fear of pollution

Breaking down big nominalisations

24. Nominalisations can be long and complex

25. More examples of long nominalisations