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Grammatical metaphor: Nominalization

Nominalization examples

More on nominalizing qualities

Here are some more snippets. Can you highlight the nominalized qualities and normal qualities?


Some of these are hard!

But if you have just ended a relationship and would like to believe you are better off without love, read philosophy.

Mischel has mailed your parents a questionnaire asking them to report on your personality, your ability to delay gratification and deal with frustration, and your performance on your college entrance exams.

This ancient idea deserves respect, and it is certainly true that changing your mind is usually a more effective response to frustration than is changing the world.

Nominalized qualities can be more than one word (more than just fear, truth, greed, happiness and so on).

And through an insidious ratchet effect, we get used to the increased speed of the latest technology – such as the speed of our internet connection or computer – and can get frustrated with anything slower.

With a hint of embarrassment, she admitted to me that she rarely had more than an hour or two of homework to finish during the average weekday—a small enough load that she often finished the work before she got home.

Over time, the early pride I had in my work was eroded by this lack of respect, and without this my self-respect began to dissolve.

It taught men that patriotism unchecked by a higher loyalty can be a tool of greed and crime.