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Grammatical metaphor: Nominalization

Nominalization examples

The beginnings of a new era

Let’s repeat the previous activity.


Read this snippet and use the process we used before to write a version as if you were telling someone aloud.


  1. Read the snippet carefully, making sure you understand each part.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine the scene.
  3. Imagine you’re describing the scene to a friend.
  4. Open your eyes and write what you said in your head.


Alternatively, just talk out loud! Remember, you don’t have to sound good or correct, you just need to write the way you speak.

Standard history texts will tell you that the nineteenth century saw the beginnings of a new era of choice for Europe’s workers, primarily due to the invention of meritocracy – rewarding people on the basis of their skills or aptitude – and the growth of public education.

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