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Gothic in Deathly Hallows: Guiding the reader's eye

Guiding the reader's eye

Putting it all together

Let’s pull all these fragments back together and see what we have. Here’s the original snippet.

Heart beating in his throat, Harry opened his eyes. They were standing hand in hand in a snowy lane under a dark blue sky in which the night's first stars were already glimmering feebly. Cottages stood on either side of the narrow road, Christmas decorations twinkling in their windows. A short way ahead of them, a glow of golden streetlights indicated the centre of the village.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J.K. Rowling

Paste together the fragment responses you’ve been working on this lesson. See if you can tidy them up so they make sense when stuck together.

Stomach churning, Anwar opened his mouth. He was looking down into a narrow chute that led into a darkness from which rose only the sound of dripping water and the faintest smell of mold. Lights ran down the sides of the passage, beads of water glittering on their casings. Somewhere in the darkness below him, echoing, drunken laughter indicated the thieves' hideout.

Example Writelike

Blood pounding in his ears, Thomas sat upright. He was lying fully-clothed on a rusting platform above a dark reservoir in which the city's teeming rats were hunting quietly. Pipes hung from the shadows overhead, warmth radiating from deep inside them. On the other side of the reservoir, a tiny red light suggested the only exit.

Example Writelike

Cinnamon tickling her nose, Samantha sneezed herself awake. She was propped upright on a pillowy bed in a soft pink room around which the scent of berries and vanilla hung just a little too sweetly. A curtain hung across the only doorway, tiny love hearts stitched into the fabric. Outside the window, a wrought-iron fence barred the way to a green field and the wild woods beyond.

Example Writelike