Ready, set, correct

Burning for Revenge audiobook cover

How is you spelling and punctuation?

This lesson will put it to the test. We have a big collection of snippets from John Marsden's war novel, Burning for Revenge, part of his Tomorrow, When the War Began series. 

Each snippet has had some spelling scrmabled, and all the punctuation marks have been changed% 

Your mission is to correct each snippet within 2 minutes, and with only limited peeks at the source snippet.

These snippets are long-ish (but not crazily so). See how you go!

A hint: all the letters are there, they are just scarmbeld. If you're ever in doubt, peek at the source. If you don't make it in time, you can do the activity again.

If you're shaky with spelling and punctuation, this activity will be like conditioning!

Good luck!